Friday, November 27, 2009

News: The SODEC Backs 12 Feature Films

The Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), Quebec's cultural sponsor for the film industry, announced the 12 lucky feature films that will be subsidized. Speaking of homegrown films, eight will be in French and one will be in English. The rest of the films are co-productions.

Homegrown films in French:

BO$$É: Directed by Claude Desrosiers, this film is a satirical comedy about financial scandals seen through the eyes of a corrupt man, Bernard Bossé. The film will be scripted by André Ducharme, Luc Déry and Yves Lapierre. The film is produced by Les productions Équinoxe and will be distributed by Alliance Atlantis.

Décharge: A criminal who found redemption randomly meets a prostitute. However, the meeting, brings back in the criminal things from his past. Written by Benoît Pilon and Pierre Szalowski. Directed by Benoît Pilon (Ce qu'il faut pour vivre). Produced by Forum Films and distributed by Remstar Distribution.

La peur de l’eau: In the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, a cop tries to find the killer of a young girl. Besides, the film is adapted from On finit toujours par payer, a novel from Jean Lemieux. Written by Marcel Beaulieu and Gabriel Pelletier. Directed by Gabriel Pelletier. Produced by Go Films and distributed by Remstar Distribution.

Café de Flore: This film combines the themes of love, desire and reincarnation. Written and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y.). Produced by Item 7 and Films Crazy. Distributed by Alliance Vivafilm.

Marécages: A family living on a farm is facing a drought and a shocking event. Besides, the member of this family will have to learn to forgive each other. Written and directed by Guy Édoin. Produced by MaxFilms and distributed by Films Métropole.

Le sens de l’humour: Two popular humorists are captured by a serial killer. In order to avoid torture, these humorists teach the serial killer the art of humour. Written by Émile Gaudreault and Benoît Pelletier. Directed by Émile Gaudreault. Produced by Cinémaginaire and distributed by Alliance Vivafilm.

Lance et compte: This film is based on a hit TV series, by the way. The story goes like this: After a bus accident, the Quebec City National, a pro hockey team, loses most of its players. Marc Gagnon, its coach, has to rebuild the team. Written by Réjean Tremblay. Directed by Frédérick D'Amours. Produced by Gaéa Films and distributed by Les Films Christal.

Le colis: During a kidnapping, a delivery worker, who is struck by huge debts, finds out through his victim that he's richer than he thought. Written by Gaël d'Ynglemare (who also directs the film) and Jean Marie Corbeil. Produced by Productions Thalie and distributed by Les Films Séville.


Homegrown feature film in English:

French Immersion: The story follows a herd of English-speaking people who can't speak French. In order to learn this language, they swarm the small French-speaking village of Saint-Isidore-du-Cur-de-Jésus. Written by Jefferson Lewis and Kevin Tierney. Directed by Kevin Tierney. Produced by Productions Park Ex and distributed by TVA Films.



Memories Corner: Ada, a young French journalist, goes to Kobe, a Japanese city, in order to write a report about an earthquake. When she meets Kenji, a local, her life will be changed. Written and directed by Audrey Fouché. Produced by Les films Zingaro and distributed by Les Films Christal.

Queleh: In 1985, in Somalia, Queleh, an 11-years-old boy, tries to find his dad who got kidnapped by military rebels. However, he also has to deal with the fact that he's the man of the family and he has to take his dad's responsibilities. Written by Roelof Jan Minneboo and Abdi Jama. Directed by Abraham Haile Biru. Produced by Les Films Camera Oscura and distributed by Filmoption Internationale.

Buddha's Little Finger: Pyotr Pustota is having hallucinations. He wakes up in a prison during the coup d'État in Moscow in 1991 and then during the rise of communism in Russia in 1918. Written by Tony Pemberton and William Jennings. Directed by Tony Pemberton. Produced by Amérique Films and distributed by Atopia Distribution.

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