Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Most Anticipated Canadian Films of the Fall

A Dangerous Method

Although I'm not a fan of biopic, I'm a little bit fascinated by how Sigmund Freud developed his own brand of psychology. Besides, any film directed by David Cronenberg, one of Canada's finest, is an event. Add to this the wonderful cast made of Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley. Date of release: December 23.

Monsieur Lazhar

This film won't be a box-office success in Quebec because it features a foreign actor (French comedian Fellag) and a character who's supposed to be an immigrant. Yes, many Quebeckers are that close-minded. However, once in  a while, it's a blessing to see that some Quebecker directors - in this case Philippe Falardeau - try to talk about immigration in films. Date of release: October 28.

Roméo Onze

Well, we've been hearing about this film during the summer and this might be the best film ever made by a Quebecker from ethnic minorities. If this is true, Ali Lammar could be the first non-professional actor nominated for a Jutra Award in years. By the way, since the films follow a person of Lebanese heritage, you can be sure that Roméo Onze was filmed not too far from where I live. Date of release: TBA.

Snow and Ashes

Before he directed a turd like the dance flick Sur le rythme, Charles-Olivier Michaud toured many film festivals with Snow and Ashes. Release date: September 9.

Take this Waltz

Sarah Polley's second film as a director is definitely not to miss. With her first film, Away from Her, she sure showed way more potential than Xavier Dolan, because she knows how to write a script. Besides, this will be an occasion to see Seth Rogen play a more serious role and also his first Canadian film. Date of release: TBA.

Le bonheur des autres

Although he's a comedian by trade, Michel Barrette always found a way to be taken seriously when he's handling a dramatic role. Besides, he's surrounded by a magnificent supporting cast: Marc-André Grondin, Julie LeBreton, Louise Portal and Germain Houde. You sure got a perfect cast! Date of release: October 7

Café de Flore

After the commercial and critical success of C.R.A.Z.Y., will Jean-Marc Vallée be able to repeat the same success with Café de Flore? Let's hope he will. Date of release: September 23.


This isn't destined to be a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. However, once in a while, ethnic minorities have the right to laugh at themselves, don't they? Date of release: September 30.


This is most definitely a film I anticipate a lot, because it tackles one touchy subject: the obvious racism between virtually every ethnic groups in Montreal that is not seen through violent tensions, but rather their refusal to talk to each others. Date of release: TBA.

Afghan Luke

You thought Americans were too quick to talk about the Vietnam War with films such as The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now? Well, we Canadians are talking about our war in Afghanistan nine years after our country sent our army there. Besides, has Canada finally learn how to make action films with lesser budgets compared to Hollywood films? We'll see. Date of release: TBA.

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