Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meg Tilly Will Be the Star of 'Bomb Girls'

Global, a Canadian TV network, announced that Academy Award nominated actress Meg Tilly (Agnes of God, The Big Chill) will lead the cast of the upcoming Canadian TV series Bomb Girls.

The TV series will be in production in Toronto from September 12 to November 16. The premiere will be in January 2012.

Bomb Girls' story is set in Toronto in the 1940s, which means during the Second World War (1939-1945).

We follow a group of women who worked in a munition factory. Tilly plays, a supervisor at the munitions factory with two sons on the front; Jodi Balfour (The Sinking of the Laconia) as Gladys, a wealthy socialite who becomes a bomb girl despite her parents’ disapproval; Charlotte Hegele (Murdoch Mysteries) as Kate, a preacher’s daughter with a golden voice who’s running from her fundamentalist father; Ali Liebert (Hellcats) as Betty, a fast-talking girl from the Prairies responsible for training the bomb girls; Anastasia Philips (Skins) as Vera, whose life is forever changed by her work on the assembly line; Lisa Norton (72 Hours: True Crime) as Edith, a forlorn mother of two youngsters; and Antonio Cupo (L’Ombra del destino) as Marco, an Italian-born factory worker who is banned from the army because of his ethnic background.

Finally, the TV series will be made of six one-hour episodes.

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