Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mario Dumont's Show Blamed by Quebec's Press Council

Former politician Mario Dumont has been hosting since almost two years a commentary show called Dumont on V, a French Canadian TV network. His fellow commentator Éric Duhaime and him showed intellectual dishonesty while talking about Amir Khadir. This is the recent conclusion of Quebec's Press Council (QPC) after it studied a complaint from a citizen.

During a show on December 16, 2010, Mario Dumont and Éric Duhaime "blatantly" distorted the thoughts of Amir Khadir as they were quoted in an article of La Presse from June 7, 2006 titled "Amir Khadir n'écarte pas la théorie du complot" (Amir Khadir doesn't exclude the conspiracy theory), believes that citizen.

Dumont and Duhaime said that in Khadir's opinion, the bombings of September 9, 2001, is a conspiracy. Duhaime even added this remark: "For him (Khadir), it's (the bombings) a conspiracy from the CIA."

According to the decision of the QPC, Dumont and Duhaime clearly misunderstood Amir Khadir's remarks as they were quoted by La Presse's journalist Katia Gagnon.

In her article, Khadir was quoted saying this: "[...] the official version on 9-11 (Osama Bin Laden being behind the bombings) makes sense, but given the American government's record in manipulation, one must have doubts and an independent inquiry is necessary."

Mark Sorella, V's lawyer, said that Khadir openly favours the conspiracy theory when it comes to explaining 9-11. Moreover, added Sorella, a journalist of Radio-Canada, a French Canadian TV network, named Florent Daudens even quoted Khadir saying "it's reasonable to believe that there might be a conspiracy."

However, this same Daudens noted that Khadir added: "[...] if a huge inquiry was conducted, it would surely concluded that Osama Bin Laden is actually the mastermind of the bombings." This is a very "important nuance", according to the QPC.

In short, V and its show Dumont were blamed by the QPC for factual inaccuracy. Nevertheless, the QPC believes that Dumont and Duhaime were not being partial because they both host "an opinion show".

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