Thursday, July 14, 2011

L'âge de raison (2010)

Yann Samuell's L'âge de raison is just what you'd expect from a summer film. Although it's not worthy of an award, L'âge de raison is fun to watch thanks to its lead actress Sophie Marceau (The World Is Not Enough).

Marceau plays Marguerite Flore, a woman who grew up in poverty. At 40, she's a successful business woman and is going to have a child with Malcolm (Marton Csokas), her fellow colleague. On her birthday, Marguerite receives a letter she wrote when she was seven years old. At that age, she voiced, with her friend Philibert (Jonathan Zaccaï), the desire to help people in Africa.

Unfortunately, at 40, she forgot her childhood dreams to Philibert's dismay. Eventually, she starts to question to herself. Does she still want to work as a business woman? How would she like to help Africans now that her childhood dreams are catching her up?

Honestly, there's nothing revolutionary with this sweet comedy. How many times have you seen a wealthy person stop his professional activities in order to question herself? This goes without saying that the characters in L'âge de raison are all clichés. Nevertheless, the fact that they're clichés helps the film to convey its messages.

Through Marceau's somehow likeable character, director Yann Samuell wonders if we actually try to live the life we want or stray from our dreams. Is the film corny? Probably. Although L'âge de raison doesn't carry much depth, it helps you to feel good. Besides, watch it for Sophie Marceau and Juliette Chappey, who respectively play the old and young Marguerite.

Rating: 3/5

Origin:France/Belgium (2010)
Length:97 minutes
Screenplay:Yann Samuell
Director:Yann Samuell
Starring:Sophie Marceau, Marton Csokas and Jonathan Zaccaï

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