Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Top 5: Coolest Gadgets of James Bond

No order of preference, really. Moreover, cars are not included.

#5: The Ericsson mobile phone in Tomorrow Never Dies.

A stun gun of 20,000 Volt that can shock unauthorized users, a fingerprint scanner, a lock pick and a "flip-open" remote control to control a bad-ass car. The perfect weapon for a spy!

#4: The ultrasonic agitator in Die Another Day.

Don't lie! You'd like to break anti-bullet glasses! 

#3: The bagpipes in The World Is Not Enough.

Who cares if you know how to play a bagpipe! Just use it for its integrated machine gun and flame thrower. Unfortunately, this is the only gadget on the list that never made it out of Q's laboratory in James Bond's films. 

#2: The Omega wristwatch in Die Another Day.

Unlike the watch you saw in the opening scene of GoldenEye, the one in Die Another Day had an explosive detonator besides a laser beam cutter. All in all, talk about an upgrade!

#1: The scuba in Die Another Day.

Ever wanted to go underwater? You can't afford to buy an oxygen tank for diving? Well, buy this scuba that has the size of a pen. However, in order for it to get the job done, you have to keep your mouth shut as hard as you can!

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