Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fantasia 2011: Die (2011)

Although Dominic James's Die isn't an original thriller, it sure is entertaining and well acted. Nothing less. Nothing more.

In a generic American city, six persons find themselves locked in a dark chamber.

Billionnaire Robert Moretti (Fabio Fulco) raises funds for the needy, but behind closed doors, he likes to get rough on prostitutes.

Mark Murdock (Elias Koteas) is a police detective who wants to commit suicide.

Dr. Diane Robinson (Patricia McKenzie) still can't get over her daughter's death.

Dr. Zach Emmett (Karl Prunner) unintentionally killed a patient by over-prescribing a medication. Besides being under investigation from his professional order, he's been battling depression.

Lisa (Emily Hampshire) lost a lot of dough at the casino and tried to slit her wrist while she was naked in her bathtub.

Melody Chambers (Katie Boland), a prostitute, is a addicted to love and feels that nobody loves her.

Jacob Odessa (John Pyper-Ferguson) chose these six people because he believes they can leave their life behind in order to start anew. During that time, Det. Valenti (Caterina Murino) investigates on the disappearance of her partner Mark Murdock but also the mysterious disappearance of many people for the past 30 years.

When you watch the first minutes of Die, you have the feeling that some lines have been lifted up from Saw. The only originality here is the belief from the abductor that his abductees, by playing a game that might lead to their death, can program their rebirth.

This goes without saying that the film respects the codes of films on abduction. The performance from the actors is actually what you'd expect from a decent thriller. All in all, when their character looks scared, you really believe it.

However, a solid performance from the cast alone doesn't make a film a masterpiece.

Rating: 3/5

Origin:Canada/Italy (2011)
Length:90 minutes
Genre:Psychological thriller
Screenplay:Nick Mead and Domenico Salvaggio
Director:Dominic James
Starring:Emily Hampshire, Elias Koteas and Caterina Murino

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