Thursday, July 7, 2011

André Sauvé Will Turn a Sketch of His Into a Film

Canadian comedian André Sauvé will adapt into a film a famous monologue he did in a sketch: the grocery store (l'épicerie). The film will fittingly be called L'épicerie.

This will be the second film in which André Sauvé plays after Filière 13. Instead of being in a supporting role like in Filière 13, Sauvé will be the lead actor.

Christal Film Productions, a production company, announced yesterday that André Sauvé will write the film's script along with Claude Lalonde (Filière 13). For the moment, no director is attached to the film.

The film is about a man who goes to the grocery store. Once there, he starts to panick because of what's offered to him on the shelves.

In the next months, the producers of the film will seek subsidies from Telefilm Canada and the SODEC, respectively a federal and a Quebecker cinematographic funding agency. The producers expect L'épicerie's budget to be at $6 M.

Some Canadian comedians who went to the big screen

Rachid Badouri (L'appât)

Stéphane Rousseau (Les invasions barbares, Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques, Le Projet Omertà)

Dave Foley (Suck, The Wrong Guy)

Russell Peters (The Con Artist)

Louis-José Houde (De père en flic, Le sens de l’humour)

Michel Barrette (Aurore, À l’origine d’un cri, Le bonheur des autres)

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