Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Snow & Ashes' In Theatres on Sep. 9

The release of Snow & Ashes has finally been announced.

According to Films du Québec, Snow & Ashes, Charles-Oliver Michaud's first film will be in theatres on September 2011.

This release takes place two years after Snow & Ashes' premiere on the festival circuit.

This is the synopsis according to A-Z Films, the distributor:

Blaise Dumas, war correspondent, covers an armed conflict in Eastern Europe. When he wakes from a temporary coma in his home town of Quebec City, Blaise discovers that his long time collaborator and photographer has not come back with him. He then sets out to recapture the events that led to his friend's disappearance and his own narrow escape from the war zone.

The film stars Rhys Coiro, David-Alexandre Coiteux, Marina Eva, Marianne Farley, Frédéric Gilles, Alex Kudrytsky, Jean Lapointe and Lina Roessler.

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