Thursday, June 16, 2011

Radio-Canada Renews '19-2' for a 2nd Season

After many months of speculation, Radio-Canada, a French Canadian TV network, has finally confirm that it will renew the procedural series 19-2.

According to Richard Therrien, a journalist from Le Soleil, Jocelyn Deschênes saved the show by joining it as a producer. After all, even though the first season was produced by Luc Châtelain et Pierre Beaudry, Radio-Canada wanted the inclusion of "an experienced producer" in order to renew 19-2 for a second season.

However, Therrien didn't confirm if Châtelain and Beaudry will return for the second season of 19-2 as producers.

The production on the show will begin in Spring 2012.

With the renewal, we will still follow the daily life of two cops from Montreal who happen to be partners (Claude Legault and Réal Bossé). Even though they hate each other, they learn to work together. Moreover, the first season left us when Ben Chartier (Claude Legault), a mole from the Sûreté du Québec (Quebec's provincial police), learnt that one of his colleagues or superiors in the Montreal police department is a mole from the mafia.

The series also stars Sylvain Marcel, Benz Antoine, Louis Philippe Dandenault, Véronique Beaudet, Fred-Eric Salvail, Catherine Bérubé and Julie Perreault.

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