Friday, June 3, 2011

Michael Tully's 'Septien' Will Open in New York

Michael Tully's independent film Septien will open in New York on July 6.

The release will be handled by IFC Midnight, a branch of the American distributor IFC. The theatrical release will take place at the IFC Center in New York. If you don't live in the Big Apple, you may view the film on demand via IFC Midnight.

Here's the script according to the press release.

Eighteen years after disappearing without a trace, Cornelius Rawlings returns to his family's farm. While his parents are long deceased, Cornelius's brothers continue to live in isolation on this forgotten piece of land. Ezra is a freak for two things: cleanliness and Jesus. Amos is a self-taught artist who fetishizes sports and Satan. Although back home, Cornelius is still distant. In between challenging strangers to one-on-one games, he huffs and drinks the days away. The family's high-school sports demons show up one day in the guise of a plumber and a pretty girl. Only a mysterious drifter can redeem their souls on 4th and goal.

Besides directing his film, Michael Tully also stars in it. Other members of the cast include Robert Longstreet, Onur Turkel, Jim Willingham, Mark Darby Robinson, Rachel Korine and John Maringouin.

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