Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'La grande séduction' Will Have 3 Remakes

The Quebecker comedy La grande séduction will have an English Canadian, French and Italian remakes.

The film La grande séduction will have 3 remakes shot in Canada, France and Italy. However, the remake in English will be shot before those from France and Italy. Besides, Ken Scott will direct the English Canadian version.

The English Canadian version will be shot in Newfoundland-and-Labrador, an Atlantic province of Canada and will be known as The Grand Seduction. This film with a budget of $11 M will be shot between August 28 and November 15.

Michael Dowse (Fubar) was supposed to direct The Grand Seduction, but he left "because of an artistic divergence" with producer Roger Frappier. This is why Ken Scott, the scriptwriter of the original film, will direct the film.

Unlike the original film from 2003, The Grand Seduction will take place in a city called Dunfield rather than Sainte-Marie-la-Mauderne. However, the story might be about inhabitants from a small town trying hard to convince a doctor to settle down.

Negotiations with potential cast members are underway. Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting) was approached, but turned down his role. This is because of schedule conflicts.

As for the French and Italian remakes, they will begin production on spring 2012. In France, the film will be produced by Djamel Bensalah. As for Italy, the remake will be in the hands of the company Cattleya.

The release date for The Grand Seduction, which will aim an "international audience" according to Roger Frappier, has yet to be announced.

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