Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kevin O'Leary Will Help an Ex-Con In a Reality Show

Multi-millionaire Kevin O'Leary will host his own reality show.

Kevin O'Leary will take part in a third TV show this winter on CBC, a Canadian TV network. In this show called Redemption Inc., he'll help ex-convicts to to start a business of their own.

Kevin O'Leary, who also appears on CBC's Dragons' Den and ABC's Shark Tank, is convinced that certain former criminals have what it takes to succeed as legitimate businessmen and that society discard them too quickly.

Deserve the money!

In this eight-part series, O'Leary will pit a group of ex-cons against each other. They have to prove that they have what it takes to succeed as businessmen and Kevin O'Leary will judge them.

At the end of the series, Kevin O'Leary will crown a winner and back that person with his own money. That winner will be able to launch his own dream business venture. Howver, this is not charity; this is real business!

A busy man

Kevin O'Leary will still be a judge on Dragons' Den (CBC) and Shark Tank (ABC), two shows where entrepreneurs come to seek investment from five wealthy investors. We'll also see him on the Lang & O'Leary Exchange, a business-centred news show on CBC News Network.

Moreover, his book Cold Hard Truth will hit the shelves in Canada on October 25. In this book, he'll share his secrets to succeed in business.

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