Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Tested It for You: UltraAVX Screen

Yours truly received free tickets through my mail to attend a screening in an UltraAVX screening room. Here are the thoughts that came to me as I watched Super 8.

However, before I give you an idea of how it looks like to see it, here are a few things you should know about the UltraAVX system:

Q: What does UltraAVX mean?

R: Ultra Audio Visual Experience.

Q: Who owns it?

R: Cineplex, a movie theatre chain in Canada.



Gone are the days when you saw grainy and dark images on a 35 mm screen. Most screens I've seen in Montreal now use a digital screen, which gives a clearer image. Because I haven't tried a 3D screen or an IMAX screen, I can't make any comparisons.

What I can say though, is that the image on an UltraAVX screen is very clear, even nocturnal scenes. It's like watching a huge HD television in the dark. In addition to that, your ears get banged during the action sequences of a film. So, just imagine how it feels like to see a train accident and an explosion. In fact, the sound was so loud that I thought I was actually witnessing a train ramming a car in Super 8.

However, despite the undeniable quality of the images, the UltraAVX screen doesn't necessarily match the Blu-Ray as you can see it on an HD television. In fact, the images of an UltraAVX screen aren't necessarily as quick (or fluid) as those of a Blu-Ray disc on an HD television.

In short, I won't be repeating the experience on a regular basis, even though the seats in an UltraAVX screening room are more comfortable than the average seats you're used to.

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