Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Canadian Authors' Novel Heading to TV

Bell Media, which owns the Canadian TV network CTV, would like to adapt three crime novels into TV series.

The media group has optioned TV rights for two novel series written by William Deverell and Giles Blunt, two Canadian mystery writer.

Moreover, Bell is currently working on the development of Old City Hall, written by Robert Rotenberg.

The former uncovers the complexities and human drama of the criminal justice system when a popular radio host from Toronto is arrested for the murder of his wife in a seemingly open-and-shut case. For the moment, a scriptwriter has yet to be hired.

The second project based on a novel series by Vancouver-based writter William Deverell will follow lawyer Arthur Beauchamp defending his clients in taut urban courtroom dramas while trying to balance his personal and home life in a Gulf Island community full of eccentric and complex characters. Canadian screenwriter Andrew Wreggitt (Mayerthorpe) has been attached to the project to adapt Deverell’s work for television.

The third project is based on a crime series by Giles Blunt featuring Det. John Cardinal. Blunt’s first storyline delves into the mind of a serial killer and the tormented police officer assigned to the case. Moreover, Giles Blunt will adapt his own storyline.

For the moment, Bell Media hasn't announced which TV or cable network will air these three upcoming TV series.

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