Monday, April 4, 2011

Web Series 'La reine rouge' Premieres May 4

The anticipated web series La reine rouge, which was written by novelist Patrick Senécal, will premiere on Wednesday May 4.

The web series is made of 8 episodes which all last at least 10 minutes.

On each Wednesday, an episode will be put online at 11:59 PM. However, viewers can watch each episode for $0,99 or the whole first season for $5. The point of this is to finance the production of the series' second season and to make sure that youngsters don't see La reine rouge.

The web series La reine rouge will follow Michelle Beaulieu (Véronique Tremblay), a girl who escaped from her suburban home. Those who read the novel (or have seen the film) 5150, rue des Ormes remembers that she ran away following a killing rampage that occured in her family's house.

Now that she's in Montreal, Michelle will try to fit in. She builds friendships, looks for a job and even sees a psychologist. However, she eventually believes that this veneer of normalcy is an outright lie. Indeed, deep inside herself, Michelle knows she's a killer.

Finally, Olivier Sabino and Daniel Grou helped Patrick Senécal on this web series as directors. Moreover, the web series tries to explain what happened to the character of Michelle Beaulieu between the novels 5150, rue des Ormes and Aliss, which were both written by Senécal.

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