Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 Sisters Succeed in their Crowdfunding Campaign

Victoria and Jennifer Westcott, two budding filmmakers from Victoria (British Columbia), will make a film funded with money donated by people on the Internet. Their film will be called Locked in a Garage Band.

By March 5, the deadline, the Westcott sisters convinced 148 people to fund their film on Kickstarter.com, a web site allowing artists to get funding for a project. The two sisters got $20,101, which is $101 higher than their initial objective.

However, getting all these pledges of donation in order to secure a funding from Kickstarter.com wasn't easy. On March 1, four days before the deadline, the Westcott sisters were at about $5,000, which was 20% of their objective. In fact, in the night of March 4, Victoria Westcott intensively campaigned on her Twitter page.

Tomorrow, Everybody Left, Jell and Handsome Distraction, three music bands, will hold a fundraising night for the film Locked in a Garage Band. The event will be at Lucky Bar in Victoria.

Finally, the filming of the film will begin on April.

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