Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nominees for the 31rst Genie Awards

Yesterday, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT) announced the nominees for the 31rst Genie Awards, Canada's own Oscars.

Best Motion picture:
* 10 1/2
* Les amours imaginaires
* Barney's Version
* Incendies
* Splice

Best Actor in a Leading Role:
* Jay Baruchel in The Trotsky
* Paul Giamatti in Barney's Version
* Robert Naylor in 10 1/2
* Timothy Olyphant in High Life
* François Papineau in Route 132

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
* Martin Dubreuil in 10 1/2
* Dustin Hoffman in Barney's Version
* Alexis Martin in Route 132
* Callum Keith Rennie in Gunless
* Rossif Sutherland in High Life

Best Actress in a Leading Role:
* Lubna Azabal in Incendies
* Tatiana Maslany in Grown Up Movie Star
* Molly Parker in Trigger
* Rosamund Pike in Barney's Version
* Tracy Wright in Trigger

Best Actress In a Supporting Role:
* Sonja Bennett in Cole
* Anne-Élizabeth Bossé in Les amours imaginaires
* Minnie Driver in Barney's Version
* Terra Hazelton in Fubar 2
* Mary Walsh in Crackie

Best Adapted Screenplay:
* Michael Konyves for Barney's Version
* Lee MacDougall for High Life
* Vic Sarin, Dennis Foon and Catherine Spear for A Shine of Rainbows
* Patrick Senécal for Les sept jours du talion
* Denis Villeneuve for Incendies

Best Original Screenplay:
* Louis Bélanger and Alexis Martin for Route 132
* Claude Lalonde for 10 1/2
* Adriana Maggs for Grown Up Movie Star
* Peter Stebbings for Defendor
* Jacob Tierney for The Trotsky

Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design:
* Gilles Aird for 10 1/2
* André Line Beauparlant for Incendies
* Arv Greywal for Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Myron Hyrak for Fubar 2
* Claude Paré and Élise De Blois for Barney's Version

Achievement in Cinematography:
* Bernard Couture for 10 1/2
* Ronald Plante for Piché: entre ciel et terre
* Claudine Sauvé for The Wild Hunt
* André Turpin for Incendies
* Stéphanie Weber-Biron for Les amours imaginaires

Achievement in Costume Design:
* Denise Cronenberg for Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Mario Davignon for The Trotsky
* Nicoletta Massone Barney's Version
* Patricia McNeil for The Wild Hunt
* Beverley Wowchuk for Gunless

Best Director:
* Xavier Dolan for Les amours imaginaires
* Richard J. Lewis for Barney's Version
* Vincenzo Natali for Splice
* Daniel Grou (aka Podz) for 10 1/2
* Denis Villeneuve for Incendies

Best Editor:
* Michele Conroy for Splice
* Monique Dartonne for Incendies
* Matthew Hannam for Trigger
* Valérie Héroux for 10 1/2
* Yvann Thibaudeau for Piché: entre ciel et terre

Best Make Up:
* Katryn Casault for Incendies
* Paul Jones, Leslie Sebert and Vincent Sullivan for Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Adrien Morot and Micheline Trépanier for Barney's Version
* Hélèene-Manon Poudrette for The Wild Hunt
* Marlène Rouleau and CJ Goldman for Les sept jours du talion

Best Original Score:
* Brendan Canning for Trigger
* Pasquale Catalano for Barney's Version
* Jonathan Goldsmith for High Life
* Keegan Jessamy and Bryce Mitchell for At Home, By Myself... With You
* Sook-Yin Lee, Buck 65 and Adam Litovitz for Year of the Carnivore

Best Original Song:
* Buck 65 for Year of the Carnivore: What's Wrong With that?
* Mary Milne for The Trotsky: Already Gone
* Cherie Pyne for Crackie: Tender Steps
* Mark Sasso, Casey Laforest and Stephen Pitkin for Grown Up Movie Star: West End Sky
* Paul J. Spence for Fubar 2: There's No Place Like Christmas

Best Overall Sound:
* Christian Cooke and Steve Moore for Defendor
* Leon Johnson, Stephan Carrier and Kirk Lynds for High Life
* Michel Lecoufle, Daniel Bisson, Luc Boudrias, Jean-Charles Desjardins for Les sept jours du talion
* John Thomson, Andrew Stirk, Andrew Tay, Mark Zsifkovits for Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Jean Umansky and Jean-Pierre Laforce for Incendies

Best Sound Editing:
* Pierre-Jules Audet, Michelle Cloutier, Natalie Fleurant, Nicolas Gagnon for Les sept jours du talion
* Stephen Barden, Steve Baine, Kevin Banks, Alex Bullick, Jill Purdy for Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Sylvain Bellemare, Simon Meilleur, Claire Pochon for Incendies
* Mark Gingras, Tom Bjelic, Katrijn Halliday, Dale Lennon, John Smith for Defendor
* Dave Rose and David McCallum for Splice

Best Documentary:
* Last Train Home
* La belle visite
* In the Name of the Family
* Leave them Laughing
* You don't Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo

Best Live Action Short Drama:
* File Under Miscellaneous
* Marius Borodine
* Out in that Deep Blue Sea
* Savage
* Vapor

Best Animated Short:
* Les journaux de Lipsett
* La tranchée

Special Awards
Golden Reel Award:
Resident Evil: Afterlife ($7,026,559 at the Canadian box office in 2010)

Claude Jutra Award:
* Jephté Bastien for Sortie 67
* Honourable Mention: Peter Stebbings for Defendor

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