Monday, January 31, 2011

'The Listener' Season 2 Premieres Feb. 8 On CTV

After two years of absence, the Canadian TV series The Listener will return for a second season on CTV, a Canadian TV network, on Tuesday, February 8, at 10 PM.

In the second season, we learn that Det. Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos) succumbed to her wounds after she had chased a criminal.

In the premiere, Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik), a paramedic from Toronto, decides to stop fighting against his telepathic gift. When he revives a woman (Rekha Sharma) who nearly drowned, Toby notices that he stumbled upon an investigation case of Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith), an investigator of the RCMP.

The show will not return on NBC, an American TV network that dropped The Listener two years ago halfway through the first season. However, it will premiere on March 2011 on Fox International Channels depending on the country you live in.

Regular members of the cast include Ennis Esmer, Arnold Pinnock, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Peter Stebbings, Rainbow Sun Francks and Tara Spencer-Nairn.

'Small Town Murder Songs' In Theatres Feb. 18

After This Beautiful City, Canadian director Ed Gass-Donnelly comes back with another film called Small Town Murder Songs. The film will come out in Canada on February 18.

The film is about an aging police officer (Peter Stormare) who lives in a small Mennonite town of Ontario. Life in town is disturbed when the body of a dead woman is found by the local authorities.

The film also stars Martha Plimpton, Jill Hennessy, Aaron Poole, Jackie Burroughs, Sebastian Pigott, Ari Cohen, Stephen Eric McIntyre, Stuart Hughes and Alexandria Benoit.

So far, the film has been in many film festivals.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom' In Theatres March 4

Mongrel Media, a film distributor, has just released the trailer of the Canadian film The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom. The film will be in Canadian theatres on March 4.

In this film shot with a budget of $3 million, we're brought in 1976 in a suburb of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Elizabeth Alison Gray (Julia Stone) is an average girl of eleven years old. She finds out that her current mom, Marion (Macha Grenon), is her adoptive mom in actuality. While she lets herself being guided by a Ouija board, Elisabeth runs away from her house in order to find her real mom. Obviously, Marion will strive to find Elisabeth, but she'll have to eventually face the truth.

Other members of the cast include Rebecca Croll (The Business), Rebecca Windheim (Family Biz), Mung-Ling Tsui (The Bridge), Trevor Hayes (The Phantom), Rebecca Windheim, Will Woytowich, Brian Edward Roach, Luca Palladini and Chantele Francis.

For the moment, we don't know if the film will get a limited or a nationwide release in Canada.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Incendies' Is Nominated for the Best Film in a Foreign Language Oscar

The American Academy of Motion Picture announced that Incendies will be among the five films nominated for the Best Film in a Foreign Language Oscar.

Now that it made to the final, Incendies, which was directed by Denis Villeneuve, is the sixth official Canadian entry that made it to the Oscars. The five others are Jésus de Montréal (1989), The Sweet Hereafter (1997), Les invasions barbares (2003), Being Julia (2004) and Water (2005).

ABC Picks Up Another Canadian TV Series

After Rookie Blue, the American TV network, ABC, will add a second Canadian TV series called Combat Hospital to its next summer schedule. The simulcast date has yet to be announced.

In Canada, Combat Hospital, which is a Canadian and British co-production, will air on Global, the same TV network that broadcasts Rookie Blue. Unlike the latter, Combat Hospital should openly display its Canadian roots.

The TV series Combat Hospital is set in a military hospital in Kandahar (in Afghanistan) and is based on the Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit (MMU). We get to follow doctors and nurses hailing from Canada, the USA, the UK and other allied countries.

The central character is a Canadian trauma surgeon Rebecca Kincaid who has to take tough decisions on the field.

The cast hasn't been announced for Combat Hospital.

The show was created by Jinder Chalmers and Douglas Steinberg (Psych). The showrunner will be Daniel Petrie Jr. (Beverly Hills Cop).

Monday, January 24, 2011

CTV's 'The Bridge' Won't Have a 2nd Season

The second season of The Bridge won't go further into its production. However, CTV, a Canadian TV network, has announced its intention to work with Craig Bromell and Aaron Douglas, respectively the creator and the star of The Bridge, on other projects.

CTV and Bromell are working on the development of a TV series that focuses on the personal and professional life of members of a police drug squad.

However, we have no idea what CTV and Aaron Douglas will work on together.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Essay 'Our Man In Tehran' Will Be Adapted Into a Film

For the moment, no director, scriptwriter or actors are attached to the adaptation of this book by Canadian historian Robert Wright.

The film, like the book it's based on, will be centred on Ken Taylor, Canada's ambassador in Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. During that event, Taylor helped six Americans who managed to get out of the American ambassy, which was stormed by Iranian students.

The last time Taylor's story was told was in a 1981 TV film called Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper that was aired on CTV, a Canadian TV network. However, the latter isn't an adaptation of Wright's book.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Incendies' Still In the Oscar Race

Out of 66 films, the Canadian film Incendies is among the 9 films that will compete to be among the five contenders for the Oscar of the best film in a foreign language.

The American Academy will announce on Tuesday, January 25, the five films that will be nominated for the Oscar of the best film in a foreign language.

If Incendies, which was directed by Denis Villeneuve, makes the cut, it will be the sixth official Canadian entry that made it to the Oscars. The five others are Jésus de Montréal (1989), The Sweet Hereafter (1997), Les invasions barbares (2003), Being Julia (2004) and Water (2005).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Le vendeur' In Theatres Sept. 30

Sébastien Pilote's Le vendeur is likely to have a limited release after a run at the Sundance International Film Festival.

The film stars Gilbert Sicotte, Nathalie Cavezzali, Jean-Robert Bourdage, Jean-François Boudreau, Pierre Leblanc and Jeremy Tessier.

Marcel Lévesque (Sicotte) is the best salesman of a declining small industrial town's car dealership in the St-Jean Lake. During an endless winter, a local factory is temporarily shut down. Marcel will come across François (Boudreau), a jobless worker from the local factory. Moreover, a tragedy will change his life.

Comedy 'STAG' Begins Production

In Toronto, Brett Heard has begun production on his first film STAG, which will be released in 2012.

The film stars Donald Faison (Scrubs), Eva Amurri (Californication) and Jon Dore (The Jon Dore Show, Funny As Hell).

Ken Andrews (Faison) has been the orchestrator of the hazing pranks at all of his buddies' stags - elaborate, hilarious pranks that have left many emotional scars and a few physical ones, including Luke (Dore). And now today is Ken's stag! He nervously awaits the fate that his pals surely have in store for him, comforted only by the knowledge that Carl (Pat Thornton) will be there to watch his back ­ that is, so long as Carl can extract himself from the Hollywood celebrity, Veronica (Amurri). Ken will soon discover that payback is worse than he could ever imagine.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Sur le rythme' In Theatres Aug. 12

After How She Move, here comes another Canadian dance flick: Charles-Olivier Michaud's Sur le rythme. So far, only the teaser is available online.

Delphine Lamarre (Mylène St-Sauveur) is twenty years old. She has to make a choice between living her dream as a profesional dancer or taking the path imposed by her parents, which means studying medecine. However, her encounter with Marc Painchaud (Nico Archambault) will give her hope. In fact, she'll take part in more and more auditions and she'll stand up before her parents.

This film was penned by Caroline Héroux (À vos marques, party!) and was entirely produced with private funds.

Moreover, Sur le rythme also stars Marina Orsini, Paul Doucet, France Castel, Miles Faber and Lina Roessler.

Trailer of 'Foodland'

For the moment, the release date of the comedy Foodland hasn't been announced. However, the trailer is online.

In this film directed by Adam Smoluk, we follow a grocery clerk, Trevor (James Clayton). He's so naive that he helps his manager, Ian (Ross McMillan), to rob the store they both work at. When the money is lifted off Trevor and Ian, they enlist the help of Glen (Stephen Eric McIntyre), a slimy, incompetent detective, to retrieve the stolen cash. But events soon go awry and Trevor must now determine friend from foe, and get the cash back before it’s too late.

The film also stars Kim Poirier, Aaron Merke and Jason Malloy.

'Oliver Sherman' In Theatres Feb. 4

Canadian distributor Mongrel Media has finally released online the trailer of the upcoming film Oliver Sherman.

This film directed by Ryan Redford is based on the short story Veterans, by Rachel Ingalls.

The story is about Oliver Sherman (Garret Dillahunt), a war veteran. Because he's alone, Oliver sets out to find the man who saved him during the war. That former fellow soldier, Franklin Page (Donal Logue), lives in a small town, has a reliable job and a wife (Molly Parker). As Oliver becomes more and more part of Franklin's life, tension arises. In Franklin's opinion, Oliver seems to be a violent man who threatens his stability.

The film also stars Fiona Highet, Duane Murray, Kaelan Meunier and Marla J. Hayes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Erin Karpluk Guest Stars In 'Flashpoint' Next Tuesday

The Canadian TV network, CTV, announced that Erin Karpluk (Being Erica) is the guest star in next week's episode of the cop drama Flashpoint.

The third season of this Canadian TV series about a tactical unit of Toronto's police department is currently being aired each Tuesday at 10 PM ET.

In this episode called Thicker than Blood, the tactical unit led by Sgt. Gregory Parker (Enrico Colantoni) is called in when a bank robbery is going on. That team is led to the abduction of a family man who hides skeletons in his closet.

Unfortunately, CTV hasn't described what will be Erin Karpluk's role.

Flashpoint also stars Hugh Dillon, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau, Sergio Di Zio and Michael Cram.

Jay Baruchel On the Set of 'Goon'

In this video, Canadian actor Jay Baruchel talks about his first film as a scripted film, Goon. The film's release date has yet to be announced.

The film is currently in production in Winnipeg. Moreover, Evan Goldberg (Superbad) co-wrote the story with Baruchel. The director will be Michael Dowse (Fubar).

The story is an adaptation of the biographic book Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey, which was written by Adam Frattasio and Doug Smith. The film will be based on Smith's life and he'll be played by Seann William Scott (American Pie).

Scott plays a bouncer who dreams of making it to the NHL even though he started to learn how to skate at the age of 19. His first step will consist in integrating a minor hockey league. In order to keep his dream alive, Doug will rely on his fighting skills.

The film also stars Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Alison Pill (Milk) and Marc-André Grondin (The Chameleon).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'Une vie qui commence' In Theatres On Jan. 21

The first film by Canadian playwright Michel Monty, Une vie qui commence will come out in theatres on January 21 in Quebec.

The film tells the story of a French Quebecker family at the beginning of the 1960s. Jacques Langevin (François Papineau) is a doctor and a father who lives in a suburb of Montreal with his family. In short, he's got everything to be happy. However, because of a secret he's kept for many years, Jacques suddenly dies. From this moment on, we get to see how his family lives their bereavement and deals with it through the eyes of Étienne (Charles Antoine Perreault), the oldest of Jacques' three children.

Among the leading actors, there are Julie LeBreton as Louise (Jacques's wife); Raymond Cloutier as Guy (Jacques's father); and Rita Lafontaine as Mariette (Guy's wife). The film also stars Mathis Brisson, Juliette Vernes-Monty, Yves Sauvé, Éliane Préfontaine and Étienne Soucy-Lord.

'Dan for Mayor' Season 1 On DVD Jan. 18

The first season of the Canadian half-hour comedy Dan for Mayor will come out on DVD on January 18.

Obviously, the show will return for a second season on CTV, a Canadian TV network. However, a premiere date hasn't been announced.

In the first season, Dan Phillips (Fred Ewanuick), a loser from a small town who makes a living by tending a bar, just lost his girl friend, Claire (Mary Ashton). She's engaged to a rich business man (Benjamin Ayres).

In order to prove that he's worth something, Dan decides to thrown himself in the mayoral race. However, many people - especially his best friend (Paul Bates) - will have difficulty to take Dan seriously.

The show also stars Suzanne Coy, Laurie Murdoch, David Ferry, Lara Jean Chorostecki and Agam Darshi.

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