Friday, December 31, 2010

Wushu Warrior (2010)

It isn't because you make a co-production that you necessarily get the best out of Chinese expertise in making martial art films. Speaking about quality, Wushu Warrior looks like an awful made-for-TV film.

The story takes place in China during the 19th century. Lord Lindsay (Matt Frewer), a British merchant and also a drug trafficker, intends to bring opium in China by ship. However, because Rev. Elders (Matthew Bloomfield) is an outspoken critic of Lord Lindsay, he's killed. Hopefully, with the help of Rev. Elders' Chinese friends, his son, Jonathan, is taken to a safe village.

Once there, Jonathan will be taught Wushu. After many years of training, Jonathan embarks on a journey to avenge the death of his father and to put an end to Lord Lindsay's drug business.

After Yves Simoneau's L'appât, Quebec's cinema is also trying to satisfy us with another action film. Just like L'appât, Wushu Warrior is so predictable from the beginning to the end. Even though the film has decent fight scenes in store, watching Wushu Warrior is an unpleasant chore. Although its members - even Matt Frewer who plays the "bad guy" - did bother to learn Wushu, the cast' performance is so wooden. In fact, we just have the feeling that the actors played in the film just to collect a pay cheque.

Finally, I won't waste anymore of my time telling you how much this film is lame. Once the film begins, you'll just want it to end.

Rating: 1/5

Origin:Canada/China (2010)
Length:82 minutes
Genre:Action drama
Screenplay:Cecil Arto
Director:Alain Desrochers
Starring:Tod Fennell, Matt Frewer and Amber Mullin

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