Thursday, December 30, 2010

L'appât (2010)

Because Quebecker cinema pretends to be something that it isn't, no wonder we've got an action comedy this year. Whether you're looking for good action scenes or a good laugh, L'appât will dismay you, because it's closer to television than cinema.

In Montreal, a French mobster of Italian heritage died at a police precinct. Prudent Poirier (Guy A. Lepage), a very incompetent cop, was trying to save him. Because Poirier might help to crack the case, France's secret services sends Ventura (Rachid Badouri), an elite agent, in Montreal. However, Ventura will pose as a rookie trained by Poirier. However, Ventura ends up loathing Poirier and things get rather complicated for viewers' pleasure.

Moreover, L'appât is really unbearable to watch because its two leading actors, Guy A. Lepage and Rachid Badouri, who takes his role too seriously, overact too much. As Prudent Poirier, Lepage looks like a cop who came out of a sitcom. After all, given how much of an imbecile Lepage's character is, one will wonder why a police department would keep a cop like Poirier who can't even handle a machine gun or be subtle when he's around criminals.

In addition to that, there are uninspired jokes about the differences between France and Quebec, a plot twist that falls flat on the ground and a story that you just want to go through as quickly as possible. After all, no matter what happens, we all know that Poirier and Ventura will get along.

Finally, with the budget L'appât has, don't expect to see action scenes as spectacular as those in action films from Hong Kong. Moreover, the film is so annoying, because the contrast between the two leads is underlined in a way that lacks subtlety.

Rating: 1/5

Origin:Canada (2010)
Length:88 minutes
Genre:Action comedy
Screenplay:William Reymond and Yves Simoneau
Director:Yves Simoneau
Starring:Guy A. Lepage, Rachid Badouri and Maxim Roy

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