Friday, December 17, 2010

Canadian TV Series 'Being Erica' Will Have a U.S. Remake

ABC, an American TV network, might produce the American remake of the Canadian TV series Being Erica, according to the magazine Variety.

No actress has been confirmed to play the part of Erica, which was played by Erin Karpluk in the original Canadian version. However, Temple Street Productions, a production company from Toronto, and ABC have made a deal to produce the remake, reports Variety.

The Canadian original version stars Erin Karpluk, as Erica Strange. She's a thirty-something woman from Toronto who meets a therapist (Michael Riley) after a mishap.

This therapist, named Dr. Tom, allows her to revisit regrets from her own past. Through this therapy, Dr. Tom wants Erica to learn how to fix her life and live the fate she wants.

Maggie Friedman (Eastwick) will write the U.S. remake and will also be the executive producer of the show.

The third season of Being Erica will premiere on SoapNet, a cable network, on January 26 at 11 PM.

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