Monday, December 20, 2010

'Air Face' to Host the New Year's Eve On CBC

The comedians of the defunct show Royal Canadian Air Farce will be back for the New Year's Eve at 8 PM on CBC.

Obviously, these comedians are Jessica Holmes, Penelope Corrin, Alan Park, Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, Craig Lauzon and Luba Goy. As always, they'll poke fun at all the major newsmakers of 2010.

Speaking of that, we can think about the rise of teen-singer Justin Bieber, the G8/G20, WikiLeaks' cables, William and Kate, Lady Gaga's high-protein apparel, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Celine Dion, Tony Hayward, the Chilean miners, Barack Obama, Joseph Biden and even the soccer World Cup.

CBC also revealed that Lloyd Robertson, one of Canada's news anchors, will guest-star. He will look back at his four decades anchoring national newscasts at CBC and CTV, another Canadian TV network. Other guest-stars will include journalists Lisa LaFlamme, Peter Mansbridge and Brian Williams.

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