Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trailer of Web Series 'La déséducation'

Does Quebec's educational program have a problem? That's what Mathieu Côté-Desjardins, the creator of the web series La déséducation and a disillusioned 26-year-old teacher, believes.

The sixteen-webisode series will premiere this Thursday on the website

Each webisode should lasts about 10 minutes. They're a mix of fiction and documentary. Moreover, the story of the web series is told through the eyes of teachers, parents, politicians, public pundits and even kids. Speaking about politicians and pundits, expect to see Françoise David, one of the two leaders of the political party Québec Solidaire, Gilles Proulx, a TV/radio host, Benoît Dutrizac, another TV/radio host, and even philosopher Jean Bédard.

The webseries was shot throughout Quebec with a budget of $65,000 at a time when Côté-Desjardins stopped working.

Here are the questions that will be asked throughout the web series:

  • What does it mean to be a parent?
  • Are our teachers well trained by our universities?
  • Does our educational system really think about our kids?
  • What's wrong with our bureaucracy?
  • What's wrong with Quebec's public schools?

While the first 8 episodes will talk about the problems of our schools, the last 8 ones will propose ideas to fix them.

Source: Le Devoir

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