Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trailer of Sci-Fi Film 'Paradox'

Kevin Sorbo leads the cast of this Canadian sci-fi film.

For the moment, no release date has been announced for this film, which is based on a comic book by Canadian writer Christos N. Gage.

The story is about a detective, Sean Nault (Kevin Sorbo), who investigates on a series of weird murders that were committed with the help of science. Because he lives on a parallel Earth, Nault only knows what magic is. In his investigation, he's helped by Leonore (Steph Song), a person who believes that science has its place in society. During their mission, both will be led to another dimension and they must hurry before both Earths get destroyed.

The film also stars Christopher Judge, Alan C. Peterson, Alisen Down, Jerry Wasserman, Michael St. John Smith, David Richmond-Peck, Vladmir Moskovchenko, Kanji Nimet, Keith Dallas, Adrian Holmes, Jeny Cassady, Sean Tyson and Gerry Durand.

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