Monday, November 1, 2010

Gunless (2010)

After the war drama Passchendaele, Paul Gross comes up with another populist blockbuster. While some may find Gunless funny, Paul Gross's latest action film is also a little bit mindless. That's too bad, because Canada's own conquest of the West is replete with interesting stories to tell.

So, "once upon a time... in the North", a severely wounded American gunslinger rides into a small Canadian frontier town after he had been involved in a confrontation. Before he can leave the town, the Montana Kid (Paul Gross) must wait for the local Chinese seamstress to fix his clothes. In the meantime, he borrows some Chinese clothes. As for the local blacksmith (Tyler Mane), after he had taken care of the Kid's horse, he called the Kid a "common". Provoked, the Montana Kid defies the blacksmith into a duel.

Unfortunately, the only gun available in the town belongs to Jane Taylor (Sienna Guillory) and it needs to be repaired. Before she gives him the gun, Jane wants the Montana Kid to help her build a windmill and get it to function. In the meantime, the American bounty hunters - led by Cutler (Callum Keith Rennie) - are still after the Kid and eventually, they'll have a stand off in the town.

The film pretty much looks like a bad sitcom from the 1990s with its use of very few (and real-life) locations and also supporting characters who serve a specific purpose such as being a comic relief. As a historical drama, Gunless is quite hard to believe. This is because through the exchanges the Kid and the townspeople have, the film pokes fun at ideas that many Americans supposedly have about Canadians: politeness, niceness and non-violence. Unfortunately, that kind of humour didn't make me laugh. Besides, the film is really predictable. Nonetheless, despite a very light script, the film is competently made if you don't have difficulties to stand commercial flicks. The first reason being that the actors seem to be delighted to play their part, especially Sienna Guillory and Callum Keith Rennie. Secondly, the film can be seen as a good entertainment by others if you're waiting for the final action scene.

Rating: 2.5/5

Origin:Canada (2010)
Length:86 minutes
Genre:Western comedy
Starring:Paul Gross and Sienna Guillory

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