Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tom Fontana On Upcoming Series 'Borgia'

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The Canadian TV series The Borgias will compete in 2011 with the French TV series Borgia. Tom Fontana, the show's creator, talks about what we should expect from it.

The series Borgia, which was created by Tom Fontana (Oz; The Philantropist) will be aired in France on CanalPlus, a French premium cable network. As for the Canadian series, it will be on Showtime and CTV, which are respectively an American premium cable network and a Canadian TV network.

The series takes place during the Renaissance in Italy. It follows Rodrigo Borgia (John Doman), who will be the most corrupt pope in history. He will also go down in history with his children: Juan (Stanley Weber), the oldest, a prideful, a sexual predator with no shame; Cesare (Mark Ryder), a violent man; Lucretia (Isolda Dychauk), a young girl who will discover how to use her femininity.

The French series also stars Diarmuid Noyes, Assumpta Serna, Marta Gastini and Andrea Sawatzki.

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