Friday, October 22, 2010

Score: A Hockey Musical (2010)

After Saint Ralph and One Week, Canadian director Michael McGowan dabbles into commercial cinema with Score: A Hockey Musical. The result: be prepared to roll your eyes.

In a Toronto where people often sing by dialoguing, Farley Gordon (Noah Reid) is raised and home-schooled by green, pacifist and vegan parents (Marc Jordan and Olivia Newton-John). Even though Farley has never played in an organized hockey league, Farley excels at this game. Obviously, this dismays his parents who hate team sports. One day, the owner of the Blades (Stephen McHattie), a junior team from Brampton, recruits Farley after he had seen him play hockey on an outdoor rink. Despite his parents' objection, Farley rises to the challenge and becomes, overnight, a national sensation. Besides, some TV analysts consider Farley as "the next one".

However, the Blades' coach (John Pyper-Ferguson), Farley's teammates and his opponents want him to throw the gloves because "it's part of the game". Besides, his relation with his best friend Eve (Allie MacDonald), the girl who has been living next door since Farley's childhood, takes a beating because he has less time to spend with her. All in all, will Farley find a way to stay in hockey without infuriating his parents, his coach, his teammates and, above all, Eve?

If you liked Saint Ralph, a film about a teenager from Hamilton who wants to win the 1954 Boston marathon, you won't like Score: A Hockey Musical. Even though the former recycled old clichés of teen comedies, it casted a irreverent glance at adolescence. With that said, Score: A Hockey Musical is as pleasant to watch as a string of generic suburb houses, because it unashamedly uses clichés from teen comedies about a hero who faces a lot of obstacles in his search of his passion. Besides, the film is so predictable and the so-called plot twists are not convincing. If you don't believe me that the plot is predictable, read carefully my description of the synopsis.

In all fairness, with this commercial film, Michael McGowan shows us that he's not Atom Egoyan (Chloe), Peter Stebbings (Defendor) or David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises), three Canadian directors who did brilliant Canadian commercial films with taxpayers' money, mind you. Even though Score: A Hockey Musical is not the smartest film I've seen, I'll watch it anytime after a rough day because it's fun. As for fans of the musical TV series Glee, I don't know if you'll like it, because I haven't seen Glee.

Rating: 2.5/5

Origin:Canada (2010)
Genre:Musical comedy
Screenplay:Michael McGowan
Director:Michael McGowan
Starring:Noah Reid and Allie MacDonald

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