Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire Novel 'The Moth Diaries' Coming to the Big Screen

The novel The Moth Diaries, which was written by American novelist Rachel Klein, will be adapted in Canada. The film is currently in production in Montreal and will be directed by Canadian director Mary Harron (American Psycho).

The film takes place in a private school for girls. We follow a girl of sixteen years old named Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) who records her most intimate thoughts in a diary. That girl is obsessed with her new roommate called Lucy Blake (Sarah Gadon) and Lucy's friendship with their new classmate, Ernessa (Lily Cole). We learn from the sixteen year old girl that Ernessa is a mysterious person with a pale skin and hypnotic eyes. As time goes by, fear spreads itself throughout the school and Lucy isn't herself anymore. Is Ernessa a vampire or is the sixteen-year-old girl just trapped in her imaginary world?

From left to right: Sarah Bolger and Scott Speedman

Few details about the cast are available. However, Irish actress Sarah Bolger, British model Lily Cole, Scott Speedman and Sarah Gadon, who are both Canadians, are on board.

From left to right: Lily Cole and Sarah Gadon.

For the moment, no release date has been confirmed and the film has received fundings from the Harold Greenberg Fund.

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