Friday, September 3, 2010

TV Series 'Rookie Blue' and 'Shattered' Coming to the UK

Step away Uncle Sam, because Canada is gradually becoming more and more aggressive as a cultural exporter! In fact, Rookie Blue and Shattered, two Canadian procedural scripted dramas, is coming to the UK.

First of all, according to Blogomatic3000, the UK's Hallmark Channel will be rebranded as the Universal Channel on October 18th. Besides, in order to celebrate this makeover, the newly born Universal Channel will organize the British premiere of two Canadian TV series that are broadcasted on Global, a Canadian TV network.


The first show will be Rookie Blue. In this show created by Tassie Cameron, Morwyn Brebner and Ellen Vanstone, we follow five rookies (Missy Peregrym, Enuka Okuma, Gregory Smith, Travis Milne and Charlotte Sullivan) of some unidentified Canadian (in this case Toronto) that epically fails to pass off as an American city.

The show also stars Matt Gordon, Melanie Nicholls-King, Ben Bass, Eric Johnson and Lyriq Bent


The second show is Shattered, a dark procedural drama created by Rick Drew. We follow Ben Sullivan, a homicide detective from Vancouver with a multiple personalities disorder. While he works on homicide cases with Amy Lynch (Camille Sullivan), his new partner, Ben doesn't want to reveal his inner problems to any of his colleagues.

The show also stars Molly Parker, Clé Bennett, Martin Cummins, Karen LeBlanc, Ty Olsson, Nimet Kanji and Brian Markinson.

Finally, while Rookie Blue's second season is currently in production in Toronto, no renewal has been announced for Shattered by Global yet. In fact, Shattered's pilot, which was aired in Canada on Wednesday, was seen by 428,000 people, which is a poor rating.

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