Monday, September 20, 2010

Teaser of Biopic 'Gerry'

Those who've been to a movie theatre from Friday to these days have probably seen the teaser of the upcoming biopic Gerry, which will follow the life of Quebec's first rocker, Gerry Boulet. Now, the teaser has already arrived online. Moreover, no release date has been announced for the film, but it will be somewhere in 2011.

The film is made with a budget of $6 million and the titular role of Gerry Boulet will be played by Mario Saint-Amand. Moreover, we still don't have any details about what parts of Boulet's agitated life will be documented by the film, which was written by [cough] cinema critic [cough] Nathalie Petrowski.

The film will also star Madeleine Péloquin, Éric Bruneau, Capucine Delaby, Eugene Brotto, Marc-François Blondin, Roberto Mei, Louis-David Morasse, Mathieu Lepage, Jonas Tomalty and Luc Proulx.

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