Friday, September 3, 2010

'The Line' Returns In France Sept. 6 on 13ème Rue

France's TV viewers will have a second chance to see the Canadian TV series The Line. In fact, this series created by George F. Walker and his creative partner Dani Romain will premiere September 6 on 13ème Rue, a crime-series dedicated cable network from France, at 11 PM.

Shot entirely on location in Toronto and Scarborough, Ontario, The Line follows two morally ambiguous cops, Max (Ron White) and Donny (Daniel Kash), who take matters into their own hands in an attempt to clean up their neighbourhoods. Having lost interest in conventional police work, Max now opts to implement his own method of dealing with the criminals he pursues, while having an affair with burned out legal aid lawyer Jayne (Sharon Lawrence) who has her ailing father Patrick (Ed Asner) to deal with. Donny treats his job as more of a hobby and prefers to bide his time with drinking and prostitutes and soon gets involved with Carol (Linda Hamilton), a charming grifter from his past.

Max and Donny’s paths soon collide with Carlos (Clé Bennett), a mid-level drug dealer trying to turn his life around, who finds himself caught between warring drug suppliers Andre (Wes Williams) and Eddie (Von Flores), and ex-wife Lucie (Sarah Manninen), who wants nothing to do with his criminal lifestyle. In Carlos, Max sees an opportunity to sabotage the criminal underpinning of the entire neighbourhood. As Max’s plan unfolds, it unravels the worlds of not only the cops and criminals, but everyone who surrounds them: their wives, mothers, brothers, sisters and children.

Finally, The Line premiered last year in France on the cable network Orange CinéChoc before its Canadian premiere. Moreover, no third season has been ordered by The Movie Network, a Canadian premium cable network.

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