Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interview: Erin Karpluk Talks About Season 3 of 'Being Erica'

The TV series Being Erica - which premiered two days ago on the Canadian TV network CBC - has always given us so much surprises. I had a phone interview with Erin Karpluk, the show's leading lady, and she told me what we should expect from the third season.

Obviously, my aptitudes in English pronunciation were rusty because I haven't spoken a word in English to someone on a regular basis for three years. Anyway, the interview was a pleasant experience.

Anh Khoi Do: Now that this season's opener revealed that a group therapy was waiting for Erica behind the mysterious door, how did you react when you learned that Erica will be going through a group therapy?

Erin Karpluk: Well, through the group therapy, Erica not only gets to have a session with Dr. Tom, but she also shares her experience with people she can relate to because of what she’s been through. This experience becomes less about Erica. In short, the inclusion of a group therapy makes the show more diverse especially because of the character of Adam (Adam Fergus) who challenges her more than Erica has ever been challenged.

AKD: Since season 2, we’ve seen Erica going into Kai’s past to help him. Now, in the third season, she gets to help Adam. Why does Dr. Tom allow Erica to help another patient by herself even though Erica is not in the third phase [Note: This means becoming a doctor] of the therapy?

EK: This is some sort of training for the patients so that they can help each other. Although neither Erica nor the other patients are in the third phase of the therapy, Dr. Tom would only put them in a situation that is not detrimental to them.

AKD: During the group therapy, I personally had the feeling that the other patients, excluding Adam, didn’t talk that much. Why did Adam sound blunt and rude towards Erica during their first exchange in the group therapy?

EK: That’s part of Adam’s nature and also because of his dark past, which is nice. These are the things that give Adam (Adam Fergus) his “bullshit detector” attitude and it helps him to challenge her [Erica] more than she’s been challenged.

AKD: The first episode suggested that at some point in the third season, Adam will befriend Erica. How will Erica’s relationship with Adam positively and negatively affect her?

EK: This relation between Erica and Adam evolves with ups and downs. There will be a strong connection between Erica and Adam. In the first episode, they commonly live the moment when Adam’s mom died and people should expect other events that will make them develop commonalities.

AKD: Now that Erica is Julianne’s equal partner in their new publishing company, how will Julianne (Reagan Pasternak) react to the fact that she’s not a level above Erica? I mean, has Julianne kept her reflex of being bossy when Erica is around her?

EK: Erica and Julianne will become more friends. This is an ongoing relation that evolves like a roller-coaster. We see two friends who try different avenues. Julianne brings the bluntness in the relation and they both address that. As for Erica, she brings the social skills. Moreover, in this season, Julianne is more three-dimensional than she’s ever been.

AKD: Since you’ve been on the show Being Erica, what has the show taught you about people? Now, before you answer that question, have in mind that it’s an opened question.

EK: Since I’ve been part of the show, I’ve learned about the resilience that people can have. They use it to combat inner demons and let go of certain things in life.

AKD: Speaking about combating inner demons, does it mean that there will be less reference to Leo’s (Devon Bostick) death in this season?

EK: There will be an entire episode devoted to Leo and also Erica’s family. Her mom, Barb (Kathleen Laskey), will go through some changes in her life. As for Erica's younger sister, Samantha (Joanna Douglas), she’ll get a new boyfriend.

AKD: Since a press release of CBC confirmed that Kai (Sebastian Pigott) will return, what part will he have in Erica’s life in the third season?

EK: I can tell that Kai does return. To what extent will he play a part in Erica’s life? Maybe Erica will meet him in the past, future or present tense.

AKD: Will Erica get to meet Kai when he’s a star?

EK: There’s a big surprise and it involves music. So yes, he will return.

In Canada, the TV series Being Erica is on CBC on Tuesdays at 9 PM. For the moment, SoapNet, a cable network, hasn't announced any premiere date for the show in the USA.

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