Monday, September 27, 2010

Ensemble Cast Confirmed for TV Series 'XIII'

A few days ago, it has been confirmed that the Canadian TV series XIII began production. Now, the identity of the ensemble cast's members - besides Stuart Townsend, Virginie Ledoyen and Caterina Murino - has been announced. Moreover, don't expect to see some returning faces if you saw the two-parts TV film XIII: The Conspiracy.

Speaking about those who will return, we'll see Stephen McHattie, as Ben Carrington; Greg Bryk, as Colonel John Amos.

As for the new faces, there will be Stuart Townsend, who replaces Stephen Dorff in the titular role. Aisha Tyler will replace Lucinda Davis as Major Janet Jones, XIII's love interest. Other new faces include Paulino Nunes as Frank Giordino, the head of the CIA who is determined to bring down XIII.

This is the information we have for the moment, and more informations will come. The TV series will be broadcasted on Showcase and CanalPlus, which are two cable networks from respectively Canada and France.

In the two-parts TV film, the first elected female president (Mimi Kuzyk) had been assassinated during her speech on Veterans Day. Since that moment, the American government had been chasing a suspect who has the code "XIII" tatooed above his chest and Ben Carrington (Stephen McHattie) became the president. However, the suspect doesn't remember anything about his past. As he runs for his life, XIII also tries to figure out who he really was.

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