Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eight Canadian Films Going to the 15th Pusan Int'l Film Festival

If you plan to attend to the 15th Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea, have in mind that eight Canadian films will be part of its line-up. The festival will be held from October 7 to 15, 2010.

All the eight Canadian films will be part of the festival's official selection.

World Cinema Program:
2 fois une femme
Director: François Deslile
Starring: Evelyne Rompré, Marc Béland, Étienne Laforge, David Boutin, Michelle Rossignol, Marie Brassard, Alexandre Goyette, Catherine de Léan and Brigitte Pogonat

After having her life threatened by her violent husband one night, Catherine heads for northern Quebec with her son under another identity. Slowly, she rebuilds her confidence and rediscovers who she is while trying to win over her son’s affection.
Les amours imaginaires
Director: Xavier Dolan
Starring: Xavier Dolan, Monia Chokri and Niels Schneider

The film is about two friends (Xavier Dolan and Monia Chokri) who meet a guy (Niels Schneider) during a party. The two friends madly fall in love for this guy. As they try to get the attention of this guy, the two friends endanger their friendship.
À l'origine d'un cri
Director: Robin Aubert
Starring: Jean Lapointe, Michel Barrette and Patrick Hivon

The film is about a young man who feels compelled to travel with his grand-father. Indeed, the young man wants to find his father who ran away with the corpse of his ex-wife.
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Starring: Maxim Gaudette, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Rémy Girard and Lubna Azabal

In this film, two Canadian twins - a brother and a sister - travel to the Middle East after they had their late mother's will read to them. Once there, they'll try to figure out who their mother really was and why she had stayed quiet all her life.
Tromper le silence
Director: Julie Hivon
Starring: Suzanne Clément, Maxime Dumontier, Sébastien Huberdeau, Claude Prégent, Pascale Montpetit, Sophie Cadieux, Thomas Lalonde and Benoît Gouin.

The film is about a photographer who is reminded by a young man she uses as a model for her photos about her estranged brother. As she does more and more photos with this young man, the female photographer develops a friendly interest for this man who has a rather destructive behaviour.

Midnight Passion Program:
Director: Kaare Andrews
Starring: Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill, Ryan Donowho, Landon Liboiron, Jake Weary, Mike Dopud and Ryan Grantham

A rookie pilot (Jessica Lowndes) and her friends embark on a plane. After a malfunction sends their plane climbing out of control, the pilot and her four teenage friends must face some sort of monster.

Invitation to Open Cinema (outdoor screening for 5000 moviegoers):

Director: Steven Silver
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Philippe, Frank Rautenbach, Neels Van Jaarsveld and Malin Åkerman

The film takes place during the final years of the apartheid in South Africa during the 1990s. These days are seen through the eyes and lens of four young photographers who, among other things, captured the fight between the National Peacekeeping Force and the African National Congress in the Tokoza township. These photographers are Kevin Carter (Taylor Kitsch), Greg Marinovich (Ryan Phillippe), Ken Oosterbroek (Frank Rautenbach) and Joao Silva (Neels Van Jaarsveld).

Flash Forward Program:
[No poster available]
Lullaby for Pi
Director: Benoît Philippon
Starring: Rupert Friend, Clémence Poésy, Matt Ward, Forest Whitaker, Colin Lawrence, Dewshane Williams, Andre Richards, Julian Christopher, Martin Roach and Benjamin Ayres

In this French-Canadian co-production, a washed up musician befriends with a reclusive artist who has an unusual name.

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