Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Director Patricia Chica Awarded at the Williamsburg Int'l Film Festival

Canadian director Patricia Chica won a tenth award for her short film Day Before Yesterday at the Williamsburg International Film Festival. She took home the "Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Award" and her short film will be presented tomorrow at the Concordia University.

Her short film will be presented tomorrow at the Concordia University in Montreal during the LatinArte Festival. The point of this event is to present us cultural works produced by Canadian of Hispanic heritage.

In the short's story, a woman (Michelle Boback) is found unconscious in the middle of downtown Montreal. Since she seems to suffer from a memory loss, she's taken to a police precinct. Besides, she's interrogated by two officers (Jacques Godin and Richard Robitaille) who try hard to find out who she is despite the gargantuan lack of clues.

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