Thursday, September 2, 2010

Callum Keith Rennie Talks About 'Shattered'

Yesterday, the Canadian procedural drama Shattered premiered on Global, a Canadian TV network. Today, Global released a video which is an interview with Callum Keith Rennie, the show's leading actor.

In this video, Rennie talks to cultural reporter Lori Harito about his character and the show.

In the pilot titled "The Sins of Fathers", homicide detective Ben Sullivan (Callum Keith Rennie) gets a new partner in the person of Amy Sullivan (Camille Sullivan), a detective who just got transferred from the Sex Offences Division of the Vancouver Police Department. As soon as they're bonded, Sullivan and and Lynch are put on a homicide case involving a dead child.

As he sees the body of the dead child, Ben's mind is taken over by his most violent alter. While he and his partner were chasing a killer, Ben (or rather someone else) grabs the killer, but gets thrown to the ground. This is why he asks his partner to shoot the killer. However, the killer turned to be unarmed.

The show also stars Molly Parker, Clé Bennett, Martin Cummins, Karen LeBlanc, Ty Olsson, Nimet Kanji, Michael Eklund and Brian Markinson.

Finally, Shattered's next episode will return next Wednesday at 10 PM on Global ET/PT.

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