Sunday, August 8, 2010

Short Film Review: Eyes Beyond (2010)

I've seen enough horror Canadian and American horror films to know that most of them won't scare me and stay in my mind. However, while I wouldn't call myself a fan of Daniel Reininghaus's Eyes Beyond, I can tell you that this Canadian horror short film will be stuck in your memory for quite a while.

This rather confusing film starts in an apparently quiet neighbourhood. Gabriel (Daniel Reininghaus) and Adam Morales (Evan Eisenstadt) are the neighbours of a family made of Henry (Robert Nolan), Vivian (Kelly-Marie Murtha) and Abigail Rogers (Danielle Barker). One day, the Morales brothers invite the Rogerses for a dinner. However, it appears that the Rogerses ended up being the victims of the Morales brothers who unleash their violence.

This of course is what we're introduced to in the first minutes of Eyes Beyond. While the exploration of bipolar disorder or mental illness is rarely seen on TV or in films, Eyes Beyond didn't necessarily please me with the way it brings scenes that are real and those that aren't. In fact, by revealing Gabriel's bipolarity (or whatever it is) near the end, the short film reveals its only weakness. Of course, plot twists revealing the leading characters' true nature halfway through any given film might work. For instance, we think of The Disappearance of Alice Creed, because there were enough clues at the beginning to set the tone. Unfortunately, although Eyes Beyond had the right scenes, these scenes are just placed at the wrong moments of the story. All in all, with an inadequate plot structure, the short film just had the difficulty to set the tone right at the beginning, which made me say this to myself as the ending credit was rolling: that was the story's idea all along?

Finally, while it's not a perfect short film, Eyes Beyond will definitely please to those (definitely not me) who enjoy seeing disturbing images. Besides, the short film can also rely on a cast that know how to act.

Rating: 3/5 (only because of the script's structure)

Origin:Canada (2010)
Length:28 minutes
Genre:Horror/social drama
Screenplay:Daniel Reininghaus
Director:Daniel Reininghaus
Starring:Daniel Reininghaus, Evan Eisenstadt and Talon D Roach

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