Monday, August 2, 2010

Production Underway for Canal Plus's 'Maison close'

While France has the reputation of importing a lot of American, Canadian and British TV series, it also tries to build a name for itself. In fact, Canal Plus, a French premium cable network, is preparing a new original series called Maison close.

This costume drama takes place in 1871 in Paris right after the arrival of the Third Republic.

In a first-rate brothel called Paradis (translation: Heaven), three women try to escape from the power of men. Rose (Jemima West), a young woman, arrives in Paris in order to look for her mom, a former prostitute. She's trapped by a procurer and is brought under duress at the Paradis. Vera (Anne Charrier) is 35 years old and knows that her days as a prostitute is numbered. She puts all her hope in the baron du Plessis, her only client and the only man who can clear her debts. As for Hortense (Valérie Karsenti), she's the manager of the Paradis. Besides trying to keep the girls at the Paradis, Hortense must stand her grounds against a crook who wants money.

The series will be made of 8 episodes of one hour and Mabrouk El Mechri will direct the first four episodes.

Other stars of the first season include of Maison close include Blandine Bellavoir, Clémence Bretécher, Nicolas Briançon, Francisco Brás, Juana Pereira da Silva, Serge Dupuy, Deborah Grall, Catherine Hosmalin, Philippe Leroux and Garlan Le Martelot.

Finally, this French TV series is currently in production in Lisbon, Portugal. Moreover, you can see a behind-the-scene featurette on the series' official web site. You can also follow the TV series on its Facebook page.

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