Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poster and Trailer of 'Jack Falls'

Did you like Sin City? Now that the trailer had been posted online, the producers of British film noir Jack Falls have revealed the main poster of the film on its Facebook page.

Surviving a murder attempt in Amsterdam, former undercover police officer Jack Adleth (Simon Phillips) returns to London to seek revenge and settle some old scores, but he soon finds himself in danger not just from his former criminal associates, but his old police colleagues too. As he battles to stay alive, he must also deal with the guilt from the consequences of his undercover life.

Like Sin City, the British film Jack Falls was shot in high contrast black and white with spashes of colour. The stars of the film are Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Alan Ford, Olivia Hallinan, Dexter Fletcher, Adam Deacon, Doug Bradley, Zach Galligan, Jason Flemying and Martin Kemp.

Finally, this film based on a graphic novel by Paul Tanter, who co-directed Jack Falls with Dominic Burns, will be released in the UK in December.

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