Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ivan Grbovic Will Direct His First Feature Film

While he's known for directing video clips or shorts, Canadian director Ivan Grbovic will give life to his first feature film, which is called De grandes espérances. Production on the film will be underway from September 20 to November 10.

The film takes place in the Lebanese community in Montreal.

Rami is a Canadian of Lebanese of heritage, is 24 years old and is in wheel chair. Despite all the obstacles he's facing in his quotidian, Rami is trying to find his place in society. Will he overcome his protective father and his shyness?

Moreover, the cast of the film hasn't been announced.

The film's storyline will be written by Ivan Grbovic and Sara Mishara.

Finally, the film will be release in Quebec in 2011. However, there's no confirmation whether it will be a general or a limited release, because De grandes espérances is an independent film.

For your curiosity:
1. Facebook page of the film.

2. Official web site of the film.

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