Monday, August 30, 2010

First Teaser of 'Bumrush'

After he had directed two films, which means Hochelaga and Histoire de Pen, Canadian director Michel Jetté comes back with another film about crime. In fact, we can already see the first teaser of his new independent film Bumrush.

This independent film takes place in Montreal in 2009. During that year, a lot of investigations led by Montreal's police will severely hit this city's underworld that was dominated by criminal bikers and the Italian mafia. However, other wars of territory will involve new protagonists: street gangs.

These street gangs will wage a war against each other in a bar called Kingdom. In order to keep any street gangs - especially a gang called I.B. 11 - at bay, the owner (Patrick Lemaire) of the Kingdom will recruit a special team of bouncers. In fact, these bouncers turn out to be this owner's former brother in arms in the Canadian army. These five bouncers are led by a man called The Kid (Emmanuel Auger).

The film also stars Dara Lowe, Bad News Brown, Sylvain Beauchamp, Constant Gagné, Alain Nadro, Jézebel Drolet, Paul Dion, Robert Pace, Jacques Léonard, Giuseppe Giancaspro, Sadiki Burke, Jerry François, Louis-David Morasse and Sheilla Azmitia.

Finally, a release date has yet to be announced for this film. Moreover, you'll find other informations on the film's official web site.

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