Monday, August 16, 2010

First Stills of 'You Are Here'

Regular visitors of the web site can find the first stills of the Canadian film You Are Here, the first feature film by Daniel Cockburn. While no release date has been announced, the film will be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, which will take place from September 9 to 19.

According to the film's press kit, the storyline has many sub-plots that follow:

  • An obsessive, hermetic Archivist (Tracy Wright) roams the city collecting strange documents – films, videotapes, audio recordings. But her Archive has taken over her living space, there are indications that it’s begun to think on its own, and worst of all, it doesn’t seem to want her around any more.
  • An office of Tracking Operatives keeps tabs on the whereabouts of Field Agents roaming the city… but one day a monkey wrench gets thrown into their archaic operation, and they experience a collective system crash.
  • Alan (Scott Anderson) is a simple man with a simple life… or, more accurately, lives. Over the course of a day in his life, he realizes that he’s actually many people, a whole city contained in one person, never inhabiting the same body for more than a few seconds. He views this (as you well might were you in his numerous shoes) as something of a problem.
  • A Lecturer (R.D. Reid) tries to spread enlightenment through a series of lectures and instructional videos, but his methods backfire when he meets a trio of kids who blind him with his own science.
  • An Experimenter (Anand Rajaram) constructs a room-sized working model of the human mind. But he spends longer inside than he should, and the room proves smarter than he.
  • An Inventor (Peter Solala) creates a prosthetic eye which grants sight to the blind. But he is less benevolent than he seems – and when he enacts his secret plan, “Do You See What I See?” takes on apocalyptic new meaning.
Finally, if this film interests you, you can learn more about it by visiting its official web site. Moreover, note that this is one of the lasts films starring Canadian actress Tracy Wright, the deceased wife of Canadian actor Don McKellar.

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