Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Stills and Teaser of 'Waiting for Summer'

After he had directed a short film called Happy Birthday Anna, Canadian director Senthil Vinu will direct his first feature film, which is called Waiting for Summer.

This independent film takes place in Toronto. According to the film's official web site, the story is this:

Chantal (Virginia Leigh) and Zach (Caleb Verzyden) are strangers with a lot in common. "Waiting for Summer" follows these lost urbanites through their struggles to heal wounds left by self-destructive, single-parent childhoods. Walking away from her own wedding and committing a serious indiscretion at work sends Chantal's career on a downward spiral. Letting his relationship fall apart, Zach develops an obsession for documenting the lonely voices of the city. Chantal and Zach meet at the bottom. In ways neither could have imagined, they help each to find a cure each so badly needs. On the way, though, they discover that healing wounds can come at unforeseen costs.

The film also stars Brian Stillar, Terry Novak, Daniel Reininghaus, Marlene Difurscio, Teresa Lynn Janes, Conrad Bailey, Kate Goodwin, Tina Sterling, Andrew Priestman, Aris Athanasopoulos and Noa May Dorn.

Finally, no release date has been announced for this Canadian film.

Source: Bowes Casting, Newground Films and Senthil Vinu's Vimeo page.

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