Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Director Patricia Chica Awarded in Rhode Island

More than a week ago, we learn that Canadian director Patricia Chica will be going to the Rhode Island Film Festival. Besides having her short film Day Before Yesterday being the festival's opener, Chica's short film definitely got noticed.

In fact, the film attracted more than 500 curious people for its two screenings. Besides, the opening night took place in the presence of Marc-Antoine Bédard, the public affairs attaché of the Quebec Government Office in Boston. Thirdly, Joseph Bohbot, Day Before Yesterday's editor, won the award for Best Editing at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Finally, Day Before Yesterday is still touring the festival circuit. Indeed, it will drop by at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10 at the Winchester Theatre at 7:00 PM. Furthermore, if you're interested by this short film, you can visit its official web site.

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