Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Demain (2008)

Some people try to give to the idiom "silence is golden" a positive meaning. However, in the case of Maxime Giroux's Demain, that experience slightly fails. In fact, the film looks good on paper, but doesn't live up to its potential.

Sophie (Eugénie Beaudry) is a young woman living in an unidentified Canadian city. She works in an office and also has to take care of her diabetic father (Serge Houde). After a night in a bar, Sophie meets Jérôme (Guillaume Beauregard), a construction worker who works without a permit, and they both fall for each other. However, like Jérôme, Sophie doesn't really think about her future and just wants to live the present time.

While the film isn't downright bad, it certainly has its charms, which are all in the first half. As a matter of fact, without even spelling it out, Demain shows quite well that when they're not dealing with their work or other responsibilities (i.e. Sophie's father), Sophie and Jérôme are just thinking about having fun. This means that we're seeing a generation - that of Sophie and Jérôme - that is not aware that it will replace the previous one. All in all, call that a first half that knows how to set the tone. Unfortunately, by the time Demain gets into its second half, the momentum that had it been built is lost. In fact, despite the efforts from Eugénie Beaudry and Guillaume Beauregard, the leading actors, there's no noticeable evolution in the characters. Besides, the film doesn't try to justify why the two leading characters keep living the way they've always done since the beginning of the film.

Finally, this is too bad that the film has to suffer from a script that starts to run on fumes in the second half. It's definitely sad, because despite being an independent film, the film isn't too slow in terms of pace. However, as time goes by, I'm sure that director Maxime Giroux will become better in writing dialogues.

Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: /5

Origin:Canada (2008)
Length:104 minutes
Screenplay:Maxime Giroux and Alexandre Laferrière
Director:Maxime Giroux
Starring:Eugénie Beaudry, Guillaume Beauregard and Serge Houde

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