Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Volver (2006)

After he had directed a film that combines both his style and the genre of thriller, which means Bad Education, Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar came back to his artistic roots.

Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) and Sole (Lola Dueñas) are two sisters who live in Madrid and their parents died in a fire three years before the events in the film. Was she was visiting her agonizing aunt (Chus Lampreave), Sole believes that she had seen and talked to the ghost of Irene (Carmen Maura), her mom. Apparently, Irene has some unfinished business to deal with. As a matter of fact, Irene doesn't understand why Raimunda, since her adolescence, has always loathed her.

Meanwhile, Raimunda and her daughter, Paula (Yohana Cobo), cope with the death of Paco (Antonio de la Torre), Raimunda's husband and Paula's dad. Indeed, after he had told Paula that he's not her biological father, Paco tried to rape Paula. In order to defend herself, Paula stabbed Paco. Moreover, Raimunda and Paula have hidden Paco's corpse.

The first thing you notice about this film is that its script is so elaborated that you can't sum it up in one of two paragraphs. In this film, Almodóvar does what he does best, which means showing his love for women. At the same time, Volver leaves us the feeling that it takes the path that has been taken by other films and even TV series. In fact, the film brings us into the quotidian life of the leading ladies in their search for happier days. Despite that, what makes the film so interesting is the actresses' impeccable performance. In fact, these actresses manage to make the leading characters likeable despite their flaws.

Finally, while I personally didn't find Volver's pace slow, I thought that there was only one thing to reproach to the film. In fact, because of its concern with bringing us into the life of the leading characters, the film takes a certain time to announce its premise. Other than that, Volver is a charming and well elaborated film.

Rating: 4.5/5

Origin:Spain (2006)
Length:121 minutes
Screenplay:Pedro Almodóvar
Director:Pedro Almodóvar
Starring:Penélope Cruz, Carmen Maura and Lola Dueñas

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