Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaser of 'Sortie 67'

While French Quebecker mainstream films - which are mostly shot in Montreal, mind you - keep pretending that ethnic minorities don't exist, it's a blessing that our independent films take the time to look at them. As a matter of fact, the teaser of Bastien Jephté's first film, Sortie 67, is already online.

The film takes place in St-Michel, a poor district of Montreal also known for its problems of criminality. Ronald Paquet (Henri Pardo), a young mulatto, saw his dad murder his mom when he was eight years old. This is why he waits for the day when he can finally avenge his mom's death. However, before the release of his dad, Ronald had always been tied to a violent street gang. In fact, this is why he's trying to make a choice: remain a criminal or pull himself together.

The film also stars Benz Antoine, Natacha Noël, Alain Lino, Mic Eli Bastien, Edouard Fontaine, Fabienne Colas, Sophie Desmarais, Natacha Noël, Anthony Clerveaux, Lansana Kourouma and Scott Jimmy Beaubrun.

Obviously, Sortie 67 is currently being screened at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival. The (limited?) theatrical release of the film in Quebec is scheduled for fall 2010.

Finally, you can stay posted on the film on its Facebook and Twitter page.

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