Thursday, July 29, 2010

She's Out of My League (2010)

For a film that indolently uses all the tricks from many romantic comedies, She's Out of My League provides a good entertainment. The reason why the film may work fine with many people is because it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) works as a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Because he brought Molly's (Alice Eve) cell phone, which was found at the customs, back to her the day after her escapade to New York, Kirk is accepted by Molly as a friend. As Molly and Kirk become steady dates, she's starting to be into him, because she finds him nice. However, Kirk's friends - and also his family - wonder how can Molly, the girl of every men's dream, date a guy who is not that hot. Will Kirk manage to keep Molly even though his relatives and eventually himself have doubts?

Before we start going through all of She's Out of My League's flaws, let's talk about the goodies. For an American American comedy about sex and romance, She's Out of My League doesn't try to please to adolescents with vulgar jokes. Besides, some will find this film contains a message of hope for "average Joe" who don't feel too handsome. For that matter, the chemistry between Alice Eve, who looks really adorable, and Jay Baruchel can be felt when it comes to telling you that message by not overacting.

However, in its attempt to make us root for an "average Joe", She's Out of My League becomes too predictable, because it uses all the tricks that you've seen in other bland romantic comedies. In fact, in spite of the few moments when the relation between Molly and Kirk seems uncertain, we all know how it will end. All in all, talk about a film with a script without a personality of its own that can at least make us laugh with some lines that bite.

Finally, many will say that She's Out of My League provides a good moment of entertainment. However, the film is extremely formulaic with its story's structure. In fact, here's how it can be described: boy meets girl, she loves him, their dates make us laugh, things don't go too well and they get back together. Pretty simple, eh? While the supporting cast's talent is definitely wasted, the only good reason to watch this film is definitely Alice Eve.

Rating: 2.5/5

Origin:USA (2010)
Length:104 minutes
Genre:Romantic comedy
Screenplay:Sean Anders and John Morris
Director:Jim Field Smith
Starring:Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve

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