Friday, July 9, 2010

'Peepers' Will Premiere at the Montreal Just for Laughs Film Festival

As usual, Montreal's Just for Laughs Film Festival has two Canadian films in store and they both come from the province of Quebec. The one we're going to talk is called Peepers, a comedy that follows three peeping toms from Montreal.

Led by the eagle-eyed Steve Sherman (Joe Cobden), a rag-tag group of Peepers take to Montreal’s chilly rooftops under cover of night. They’re on the prowl for the perfect peep—desperate to glimpse a “hottie hookup,” a “panty party” or a “big booty buffet” through unshuttered windows.

But their lives are about to change. Enter Annette Fulvish (Janine Theriault), a brazen academic who turns the tables by setting her sights on the Peepers themselves. Soon it’s a battle royale for rooftop supremacy—will these die-hard obsessives manage to defend their turf, or will Peeping as they know it never be the same?

The ensemble cast also includes Paul Spence (Fubar), Ricky Mabe (Zack and Miri Make a Porno) and Jessica Paré (Hot Tub Time Machine).

Moreover, Peepers was written by director Seth W. Owen, Mark Slutsky and Daniel Perlmutter. Together, they are known as Automatic Vaudeville Studios, a Montreal micro-movie studio renowned for its distinct comic sensibility.

Finally, here are the screening times for Peepers:.

7/14/2010 @ 9 PM - National Film Board CinéRobothèque.

7/18/2010 @ 7 PM - National Film Board CinéRobothèque.

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